SubliJet Grossformat

SubliJet-E für EPSON Grossformat Plotter Drucker

Sawgrass is excited to introduce the release of SubliJet-E Professional, a high-performance sublimation printing ink optimised for the Epson Stylus Pro 7700 / 9700 series inkjet printers. This advanced formulation offers amazing colour and run-ability on Epson’s latest TFP Print Head.

With options of 24” or 44” Media Width,  these new Epson platforms with the SubliJet E Professional 4-color, 5-cartridge sublimation configuration is an ideal choice for customers requiring High Volume Production, Larger Format Images, or High-End Pro-Photo Output.

Conveniently packaged in High Capacity Pressurised Sealed Cartridges, SubliJet E Professional is part of a turnkey solution including powerful and easy to use colour management software and full technical support for unsurpassed ease of use and peace of mind.

Available Software Configurations

The SubliJet-E Professional solution includes PowerDriver-E (Windows OS, 7700 Only), WinProfile and MacProfile solutions which have been optimised to deliver fantastic results on photo panels, hard substrates and textiles.

  • PowerDriver-E: Driver, ColorSure Palette, ColorFinder and Custom Palette Utility
  • WinProfile: OEM Windows Driver, Custom SubliJet-E Profile Palette Swatch Library, and Proof Palette
  • MacProfile: OEM Mac Driver, Custom Profile, Palette Swatch Library and Proof Palette

SubliJet-E Professional High Capacity Sealed Cartridges Deliver:

  • Amazing Colour and Excellent Run-ability
  • Extended Uninterrupted Printing, 250ml cartridges
  • Improved Uptime
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Rapid and Easy Changeover
  • Pressurised to Ensure Reliable Ink Delivery at all Print Speeds

Migration of other ink systems in Epson 7700/9700 to SubliJet-E Professional

Strict cleaning down procedures must be adopted and followed before the installation of a SubliJet-E Professional cartridge into a printer that has previously been running with a different ink. Please contact Sawgrass Europe Technical Support for more information and details of these procedures.